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CARBON FIBRE. 'Endeavour' Deluxe. Collapsible.


CARBON FIBRE. 'Endeavour' Deluxe. Collapsible.


ENDEAVOUR shoulder rests are designed in New Zealand and manufactured with the finest material and workmanship. 

This Endeavour carbon fibre shoulder rest is our most popular model.  Available in two sizes and each size is also adjustable.
4/4 - 3/4
3/4 - 1/2

The only ergonomically designed and patented violin shoulder rests that provide the best comfort for all violin players. It is designed to overcome many shortcomings of existing popular traditional shoulder rests. 

ONLY $75 !!!

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Many manufacturers like KUN, Mach One, Viva la Musica, Bon Musica, or Wolf, all have very good designs, but many players still find them uncomfortable. ENDEAVOUR Violin Shoulder Rests are ultra lightweight ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort for all violin players. 

Endeavour braided carbon fibre deluxe shoulder rest, with 18 carat gold plated components. 

Carbon Fibre: Ultra lightweight, and ultra strong. Extremely comfortable. Adjustable to fit 4/4, 3/4, and 1/2 size violins. 

Grip design: Collapsible grips fold down for your convenience. Durable yet soft grips to hold your violin safely without risk of marks or scratches. Special integral swivel system allows the shoulder rest angle to be changed for the players personal comfort. Height adjustable. 

Specially Engineered Adjustable Swivel Tilt – The unique computer-modeled design of the ENDEAVOUR shoulder rest raises the violin to an ergonomically correct and comfortable playing angle. Teachers, students, and professionals alike have all praised this innovative and distinctive design. 

Teachers love the way it trains correct playing angles, while students and professionals love the comfort, durability, and style. Adjustable – for best fit to the instrument. Simple and Virtually Unbreakable – 
The ENDEAVOUR Shoulder Rest is made of a strong, high grade braided Carbon fibre which provides both strength and and ultra lightweight experience, unlike the inexpensive polypropylene plastic that other shoulder rest manufacturers use. 

Comes with beautiful carry case.