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Adrian Studer. New Zealand 1995


Adrian Studer. New Zealand 1995


Beautiful Hand made cello from Nelson, New Zealand with a resonant and clear tone.


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Set-up by Phil Whitehead and professionally adjusted for perfect playability, and for the most clear and balanced tone. 

Cello Specs

  • Belly: Solid Spruce

  • Back: Solid Maple

  • Ribs: Solid Maple

  • Purfling: Ebony/Maple/Ebony. Inlaid by hand

  • Bridge: 'Despiau' Deluxe model (France)

  • Pegs: Ebony

  • Fingerboard: Ebony

  • Tailpiece: Wittner, ultralight, with built-in precision fine-tuners (Germany).

  • Strings: Thomastik Spirocore C&G. Larsen D&A

    Adrian Studer - viola, violin and cello maker

    Swiss-born Adrian Studer was a master craftsman, having learnt his skills first in Switzerland, then by working with masters in France, Holland and finally Germany, where after four years he gained a Master Violin Maker's Diploma at the Mittenwald School of Violin Making.

    Adrian spoke enthusiastically about his life and passion for making instruments the old way, the right way.

    "I'm a Renaissance man, it's what I believe in," and to this end he was adamant he only used traditional hand tools, and finished his instruments using natural pigments, linseed oil and resins. There was no sand paper or commercial varnish in this studio. Everything wasdone by hand.

    The spruce and maple from which he crafted the instruments was purchased from specialists in Europe known as resonance wood dealers. They know which trees to select and how to cut the wood and store it in the best conditions.

    During his 30-year career Adrian made an estimated 120 instruments.

    "In a time of throw-away consumerism, I feel privileged and lucky to have a career that I have been able to do all my working life. I love the fact that my instruments are not going to be outdated; they will live long past me (and) like any good art, never lose their value.”

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